Sunday, December 5, 2010

Helping Hand Guide System

Helping Hand System

Detailed of the inside describing tips and things that you need
to bring in a straight forward way

Back of booklets describing the tear away pages

Sticker system

In comparison to our first sketches and protypes PATCH UP was changed to the HELPING HAND by which alludes to the organization "us" lending a hand to people in poverty situations. The banners were changed to a system of stickers by which the affiliate will not feel or affect his or her own business. The packaging Kelsey and I developed a locking of hand system in which emphasizes our mission as an organization to lend a hand. Each booklet it titled simply to conquer over the barrier of language or limited education and inside tips would be discuss and the tear aways at the end of each booklet will either contain forms or maps depending on the booklet. As mentioned in the article " Be Selfish" some of the feedback that the audience made specifically the guest that visited our critique talked about a 7th a booklet added to the series under the title Health in which in it will deal with any related health issues or provide tips in an emergency situation with limited means. Another interesting point that was brought up was portability and how durable since people with low income carry everything they own.