Saturday, May 7, 2011

_Overclock Iphone App

Imagine machines in the garden final proposal

Imagine machines in the garden the final proposal embodies what I wanted the kids to perceive on this family day. The small size and portable use aside from the educational wonders found inside in which in order you need to imagine what I see and they are educational backgrounds about each of the piece and the sculptor. Inside after the map there is a page dedicated to Roxy Paine because during my user prototyping day they though it was a woman. As well the map has being refined to include the activities at the top of the event and using trees yet as mentioned in critique might be distracting considering that they are trees in the garden.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Designalogue banner and more images

Endurance-Connection-Durability Type experiments


I decided to pursue was two of my original questions pushing material and using positive and negative space to my advantage. The words that I decided to use was endurance, connection and durability to reflect the process of my final artifact which was mainly not removing all the material but instead using a method of folding and bending, to create various layers. The developing of final artifact was to reflect the connection between a sans serif and a slab serif in this case helvetica and clarendon, their underlying structure is the same. I noticed that the overlay which with the technology we have could be easily done in photoshop yet I wanted to create more of the physical interaction between this sans serif and the slab serif, and I use color filters acetate because in my previous experiments the differences between font families was not evident which by color I was able to make that distinction. I use tracking and was able to have various connecting points, which allowed me for different points for layering.