Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Poster: Louise Fili

Final Poster

Previous Poster

Louise Fili is known for her packaging and I wanted to use this labeling as a way to arrange the poster and it's hierarchy. Poster before the final, in critique it was mentioned that it looked like the spine of a book. I wanted the text to have more emphasis and that was the approach to the final poster. I used a stain glass that is located in Vanderslice as a decorative motif and pattern, as seen in Louise Fili work the use of pattern and undulating details that was brought into the design of the final poster rather than the previous poster.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Review Proposal

For my final review , one statement that i can synthesized from all the classes is the one of the first quotes that was said on the first day of class in Visual Communication in the Fall '09.
in which it was said that the "Principles are used by designer to turn disparate elements into a cohesive whole." These elements are type, image, color and how these work together to give meaning and either relay or anchorage meaning as seen in the spring '10
I will like to demonstrate the importance of layering and how this principle has been used through out the year. As seen in our first project the dot book the imposing of text over image and their reflection in meaning. As well in the delineation drawing of color and drawing and form this dimensionality allow for letter forms to come forward or recede in space. In the spring the last project in Image for the National Geographic the emphasis of this formal quality was not only evident as a medium through the use of transparencies but also as the concept of the earth and the relationship of layers; the use of colors and their of set was vital in order to obtain the right mixing of colors. Layering is also evident in the identity exhibit system.

The process of layering was a very important element through out both semesters also in my change one thing poster in which collaging played an important role as well as my identity project. The layering and collage was also evident in the marilyn poster but also dealing with the saturation of colors and the relationship of colors such as triads and complementary colors and the mixing of colors, a technique learned in the fall'10. The addition of layers not only allows for dimensionality but also for more embedded meaning.


The importance of image embedded with meaning and the relationship of text has a fundamental objective throughout the year. that as a graphic designer one acts as a mediator or a guide to the general audience. The importance when text and image worked to together, in a fusion. Or in separation or fragmentation when image and text disrupt each other which was more evident through the use of relay and anchorage. In my taxonomy, the use of text worked in a relay because even though they were marks they connotative a different meaning. Which is also evident in the identity project of the spring in which the icon and subject act upon a anchorage and relay beasis between the image and text. Text can work in the same way by the use of font face it either works as anchorage or relay. Which in my identity they worked in anchorage since they are taking from the same material or medium and their placement is also brings to mind the vision of media.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project 5 : 6 Degrees could Change the World Reflection

The interaction of image and motion in the menu, we tried to recreate the action of the removal of the atmosphere layers and the heat layers to the earth which is the dvd in the case. Our approach was to create layers by using translucent materials such as transparencies and vellum. Formally, with the motion the viewer visually sees it in comparison with the dvd menu and the book jacket in which is dependent of the viewer to interact and remove the layers.
We decided to use black and white images in our book but keep the circular motif as a consistent element. We decided to collage to portray these images black and white to reflect history . This book sees distant sue to the integration of people which seeing we could have used t in our DVD case. We ran into issues printing it, but overall experience of the interacting with different materials and working with Ray was great. The inside of the book jacket and poster, was approach more like an information graphics describing again the degrees and the effect of the heating over the planet.
The use of coolness of the DVD case, we didn't use it in our poster and jacket. We were goig for the heat and hotter quality that the title of the book contains.

Final Reflection : Icon Set and Identity and Linear Process

Through the process of creating visual relationships between the word and icon through the use of anchorage and relay. I found one of the process, by scanning images from magazines as a source and inspiration for my final identity. Through this process I tried to three different visual stylistic approaches to the application of my merchandise. I also added 2 merchandise components a bumper sticker and a tote bag, I feel that these objects not only portray the bombardment of media to shop just like the traveling of a bumper sticker through the roads and a tote bag not only attract feminine audience but is also a fashionable product that applies to my exhibit.
This exhibit talks about the trap about the fashion industry, the bombardment of the media and the effect on the audience to consume more therefore becoming a victim and falling in the trap. After the different approaches to the application of photo, word and background, pattern and word and the replacement of the icon plus word. From all these different attempts the one that really works by texture and is in the stylistic approach of media, the use of magazines even it's textural component , the dots and the use of imagery. I also decided to use text that I found in magazines . I still use the words that I came about such as VICTIM, SALE, TREND, BUY? . This words, are words that we hear often at shopping malls.


The idea for my final exhibit it came from a combination from the anchorage and relay exploration.


By the collaging of a magazine to emphasize the function and location of the clutch I discovered that through this process it will be suitable , to make the relay about the fashion industry. I also need to add a background and a word. I explored different backgrounds:

The first one being the background that suited with my colors and they were all taking from magazines.
bumper sticker

shopping bag

The use of the bag as a placement of money and wether you considered purchasing an item and the action I felt that the word Buy? would be suitable to go with my icon and these are some example in which I applied the combination of image, icon and word plus background. Then applied it to merchandise such as the shopping bag and bumper sticker .