Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ArtBasel 2012 Miami Beach

This year I found myself revisiting ArtBasel 2012 in Miami Beach, FL. Which was AWESOME! I was able to experience this prestigious art show this year since I'm no longer in college. ArtBasel is an art festival that is held on the first week of december. Looking back on this date, is a date that was very stressful worrying about finals and final reviews...but this year I was able to once again experience the most amazing art show in the Americas. Artist from various countries submit entries and is only a selected few that get the opportunity to show case during this special event. They were more than 2,00 artist of the 20th and 21th century. If you attended the event you were able to see art from various decades. I was astonished to encounter a lot of contemporary artist exploring the use of typography which due to my passion for typography it was a surprise and a delight. I have been a longtime fan of Barry Mcgee and his wife Margaret Kilgallen whom has passed away but her work and her legacy has lived through even until this era. Both of these artist work reminds me of my love for typography and graphic design, due to their linear quality and hand-painted signs. 

Barry McGee (Pimple)

Barbara Kruger

Chuck Close: Brad Pitt

Josef Albers

Type exploration from Below

Type exploration in the case with lights



User interactive Pieces