Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Typeface: Bauer Bodoni and Akzidenz Grotesk

Developing a mailable persuading the viewer two use contrasting typefaces. In my mailable I'm using Bauer Bodoni and Akzidenz Grotesk . Having these contrasting typeface Bodoni being a Modern typeface which it's characteristics of being on a strong vertical axis, fine hairlines, high contrast between thick and thins, sharp lines, flat serifs without brackets. In comparison to the grotesque Akzidenz Grotesk which are similar in the transition between the thick and thin strokes which Bauer Bodoni shares. Akzidenx Grotesk is a san serif and has uniform, upright, low contrast.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Project 5: Combined Narrative

For this approach my previous project meaning project 3 and project 4 will be combined to form a single narrative using 2 channels text and sound. Based on the critiques from my previous projects, the text on the extended narrative and it has to reflect more the motion of running as well the brand names Nike and New balance will be removed so the overall piece has more of a consistency. In regards to the sound, I will edit the second motion of "cute boys on the trail." I will shift some laughter so it doesn't look so rehearse or planned out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Find & Share: Products

This transparent facial bar by Neutrogena falls in ethos because it has a " dermatologist recommends this product" which the credibility of the product becomes trustworthy. Having a doctor approved a dermatologist, gives credibility of the product as being something reliable. As well as Neutrogena as a brand has had a reputation of being a product that can give a healthy-skin is recognizable brand. Having the an outsider statement and dermatologist that are professionals in the field of skin treatment and their advice and credibility is an element of trustworthiness in this product.

The Lucini Tuscan Tomato & Basil soup falls in the pathos because this products appeals to the viewer or consumer senses. The front it uses some sensory detail words like "fresh , savory, regional recipe". In the back of my product, is arranged more in a narrative way in which appeals and draws the viewer's imagination to play. " The signature flavors of the Tuscan kitchen are celebrated in this elegant recipe fresh plum tomatoes, basil, garlic and a touch of sweetness from aged balsamic vinegar. Each Lucini soup is carefully prepared in small batches to capture flavors and aromas of fresh high-quality ingredients." It gives a narration if the product and it's ingredients and it appeals to the senses of taste and smell due to the aroma being described.


The Grapeola or grape seed oil falls in the logos or logical category. The approach of this product to use reasoning and they due so by having a chart in front label where it compares Grapeola oil and Olive oil and it gives percentages and facts and the benefits of choosing Grapeola oil over any other kind of brand. It gives facts about the amounts of polyunsaturated fat, Omega6 and Vitamin E being large quantities and of benefit picking this type of oil. Even in the back they are facts given about the rich quantities of Vitamin E , polyunsaturated and that it only takes a half to be used to cook. The argument is clear with the use of the bar graph in front to make a clear comparison and the ingredients in this product; it appeals to consumers to buy this product based on the facts stated.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Understanding Modes of Appeal : Type and Image by Meggs and Aristotle's Appeal

In the reading Type and Image Meggs by pg. 130. Style as message talks about the importance of decorative elements and their way in enhancing sensory experiences and adding connotative expression to denotative forms. Through style and it various components like text, structure and they function, imagery expresses the spirit of the era. In the reading it also explains that the design dialogue now transcends time and space. Graphic designers have used history as a way to inspire and develop work that gives resonance. Historicism: slavish copyright of copying historical precedents. Electicism: selecting elements from diverse sources, applying to an acceptable style. Simplification in the interest of legibility , clean proportions grounded on basic geometric elements, renunciation of serifs and adaption of typewriter or machine print. Both being combined leads to pluralistic reinvention.

Aristotle's Appeals

Aristotle's appeals the means of persuasion in three categories--Ehtos, Pathos, Logos.

Ethos (credibility): Greek word 'character': or ethical appeal means convincing by the character of the author. We respect someone's opinion that we trust. I feel that is when a doctor or an influential source recommends a certain credibility becomes the issue and trusting the product. Trustworthiness or credibility , record, reputation independent from the message appeals to the individual. The impact of ethos is often called the argument's 'ethical appeal' or 'the appeal from credibility'. Education, experience and previous performance can qualify an individual to give a reputation. Institutions, public roles or publications can give credibility to a product.

Pathos : (emotional) : Greek for 'suffering' or 'experience': means persuading by appealing to the reader's emotions. Language choice effects the audience's emotional response. it appeals to the audience imagination or his sympathies. Narrative or story it conveys the imagination to the reader. Numerous sensory detail. Many rhetoricians over time have considered this one to be one of the strongest way to appeal and persuade. They way things are worded they can create a good image or a negative image.

Logos (logical) : Greek word 'word' : means persuading by the use of the use of reasoning. Aristotle's favorite in which reasons are given to back up the claims. The message is clear and the impact of logos on an audience is called argument's logical appeal. Facts and statistics are given to support the argument. They are two different types of logic, the first is inductive logic by giving a bunch of examples and then drawing from them a general proposition. Deductive enthymeme by giving your readers a few general propositions and then drawing from them a specific truth.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bad Plus Final Poster and Ad's


The final poster after critique it was mentioned how the color scheme was to outdated and the colors alluded to not a contemporary feel. The rhetorical trope I'm still using my rendering style of the breaking of the forms to allude to their music being disparate and the deconstruction of the shapes as an allegory which reflects the abstract idea of their style of their music being contemporary and spontaneous. There is a lot of brown in my color scheme and the 8PM needs to get bigger. The kerning on my overall poster needs to reflect a tighten. The 2010 is not necessary considering that is this week that the concert is happening. I also feel that the piano has the same cut out texture as the other instruments in my composition. Another element that I included was a halftone in certain areas of the instruments.


Taking in consideration what was mentioned in critique on monday certain changes were made
that will help have a more contemporary feel to the overall design. I feel that this final revision is more contemporary with the color scheme of blues and jazz feel;as well is more masculine considering the trio is composed of three men. By having just the keys of the piano rather than the full image of the piano it more abstract. The Bad Plus font has been changed because before it felt like it was mixing into the composition and the name hierarchically was not being the main thing you saw. "Sept. 25" was reduced so the breaking of the text happening in earlier versions was arrange not in a complete thought by the simplification is more straightforward.

small ad (grayscale)

small ad (color)
big ad (grayscale)

big ad (color)

Project 4 : Extended Narrative Part 2

Project 4 Extended Narrative from Karen Villalba on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Words Using In Extended Narrative




New Balance











Running Shoes


Watch: pedometer

Sport Bra

Compression shorts


Water bottle


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Undestanding Comics by Scott Mc Cloud

After, the reading Understanding Comic by Scott Mc Cloud , it showed me the importance of the interaction between the viewer has with a narrative and how the viewer creates closure .
For instance in the example above he makes clear how the mind and the participation of the viewer is essential in creating legs while they are not in the frame. Closure is essential for the viewer and is the agent of of change time and motion the participation of the viewer is very important. A shape or outline can triggered closure, but by having this interaction with the viewer in which they do to also have to playa role is the way a viewer can keep himself interested and attentive in the reading. In the reading he describes various transitions to bring closure to the viewer which are :
Moment to moment
action to action
scene to scene
subject to subject
aspect to aspect
non- sequitor
These transitions happen between the gutter and how is carried to the next scene. This reading showed me that sometimes you don't have to show so much because if is recognizable to the viewer their interaction and their role can finish the narrative. I want to use more of the abstract transitions because I feel that the topic of running is recognizable.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bad Plus: Ad's

These are some explorations in which both ad's sizes. Based on the explorations when the band's name is big I still have to keep in mind keeping the white space around the instruments which in my poster is a main element and for the composition to have dynamics.

Language: Tender Buttons: Final Artifact and Final Direction

Through my exploration I wanted to focus on the repetition and also create a 9 system column in which the text moves and the changes between the typefaces Clarendon and Avenir , to reflect how an object losses it's charm. After reading the poems and analyzing I want to portray it with the contrast created by the overlay. I bound the book by being stitched and it contains a selection of 15 poems form the objects section. I also use a cover that is very light and adds a bit of texture and by using flowers also reflecting this cycle and feeling of temporal that things are not going to last forever as well the delicacy of the medium portrays the importance of fragility. The book ends with the word shadow which is fragmented from the poem " A blue coat" the word fragmented is shadow because that is what you left sometimes with he just faint memory or vaguely remembrance of something that once had a charm and an uniqueness. The final artifact is 6.5" X 11".

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Logo Sketches for KC Pro Health Community Runners

Primary Ideas

Finalized Ideas

The Bad Plus Poster Revised Designs: Final Directions

I feel that this a good approach for my design and I'm very happy with this approach in regards to my previous explorations. Underneath they are just different color explorations but I enjoy the color scheme of the poster above.

NA Project 3: Detail Narrative

For this third project I wanted to explore the use of voice to create for the viewer/ listener the experience of running along the trail and describing the benefits of being in this community club. Through this channel I learned that is very important to have sound effects such as the environment to give more details in the story and be able to place the dialog in context.
It was interesting that through the dialog facts were given about the group, but it was interesting this exploration because imagery or text were not used as the channels yet through the voice, tone, and the surrounding noises created the imagery of these runners along the trail having a conversation. I feel that is more abstract than something more concrete like an image, diagram or text that is in front of the viewers eyes.

I constructed the narrative through placing the viewer in the place and location or mise-en-scene by using the surrounding sounds and these props like the car passing a change in time. As well as the feet and their pace reflect duration. Is a dialog through two runners there is an interaction as well as the change of time is reflected through the dialog and conversation between the runners reflect also reflect the change through time.

Project 3 Extended Narrative: KC Pro Health Community Runners

Villalba_ NA_PROJECT3_ KC PRO HEALTH RUNNING by user7976942

For this piece I choose to explore voice. I wanted to capture the experience of running in the trail from the diagram in my poster. I selected women to reflect their experience in the group and why they should join the KC Pro Health Community Runners. Promoting the Program and clearly direct to the audience which are college students.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bad Plus Poster Design Explorations

In critique it was mentioned that the style is the rhetorical trope of an allegory alluding to their music and they way their music is like. The piano doesn't translate as a piano. My type needs to be improved as well have a better understanding of the white space and the shapes being created around the shapes.