Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final: X-Coders : A deeper understanding to female coders

At the end of this project, we edited a couple of pages for instance we combined the initial data with our introduction. As a summation for a subculture and what we discovered in our search, was the importance of social and networking. We decided to emphasize this concept by coloring it a purple/magenta color. I'm very pleased with the quality of the images now, by having that texture it gives more of the impression of being on screen. In our final design we took the characters idea just to indicate the section as a folio but we arranged page numbers to make it easier on the reader to look through each of the sections. We also made some call out within the sections to create more hierarchy and contrast on the page. In our final design, we analyze the various spreads and the verbal audit didn't look as part of the group , Janna and I looking at various pictures of code and so it was better to take the approach of a list rather that a word cloud.

The addition of the purple hopefully adds a bit of femininity as well as adds emphasizes to social.

Pictures Of Some Spreads

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collection: Miniature Perfumes

My collection is miniature perfumes, I have about 70 perfumes. I have obtained all these perfumes through my mom, she buys the big ones and since they know that I collect miniatures some have been given and others have been purchased.

Concerns For Community In Regards To Education: In Class Research

Looking through the Kansas City Star in regards to education 5 of the main concerns are:

1.TOPEKA , Kansas legislators are considering a new proposal to satisfy the federal government's demands that the state boost spending on special education programs in public schools without undercutting Gov.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Tuesday against hearing Connecticut's challenge to the federal No Child Left Behind law, ending the state's six-year lawsuit over how to pay for the stepped-up student testing considered one of the law's cornerstones.

4.Collective Bargaining Rights and Higher Education

X-Coders: Design Edited

We have been editing the content, Ray explore the taking of a photograph of the screen and using this pattern for the images and using this texture to help the resolution pictures that we have obtained through our research. After our class critique, we decided to make the pictures bigger on the page. We decided to break the book in three categories, and the affinity diagrams I revised the design to arranged it more in a lateral format. Looking at the verbal audit that Jana has masterfully being editing and arranging, even though at the beginning was working now it looks very different, for our final design Jana has been looking more at the format of code and she will incorporate more of that style in her design.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Atypeical: Postcard Type lock-ups

I created two typefaces through the use of fontstruct, for the title atypeical. Mentioned last class the use of a custom font will give a sense of having an individual characteristic. Even though I'm not following the regulations of the postal system, this was mainly to explore the various typefaces and try different arrangements.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atypeical Experiments

sculpey experiments

Using quilling paper for the experiment