Sunday, January 31, 2010

pleased to meet you... final

icon index


My understanding of semiotics is shown through the representation of:

icon: a photograph of myself, which resembles me.

index: Chanel Chance bottle, which indicates the perfume that I wear daily.

symbol: is the group sign that a group of hearing impaired gave me to represent my name, which I had to learned.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

reading 01 : type, image, message

Since last semester, we been exploring and understanding the importance of image and text. This article enforces , that as a graphic designer one acts as a mediator or a guide to the general audience. It uses image and type to clearly emphasized and de-emphasizing others. The use of images open the door for multiple interpretations while text can support or contradict the image, the important thing is the dialogue that these two components have with each other.
In the reading in mentions four ways that text and image interact:
1. separation: when text and image operate independently. In this project my theme is breast cancer so in this case in order for both to act separately , one way is to contradict each other.
2. fusion: when type and image blend to form unity. I realized that in particular in this project I used it in all my ideas, to represent breast cancer awareness.
3. fragmentation: when type and image disturb or disrupt each other. When type is displaced by text, during the design process of the poster I created a poster that uses fragmentation.
4. inversion : a form of fusion, when type and image trade places and type takes on pictorial properties or the image takes on typographic qualities. I had one sketch that I considered using text to create the resemblance of a breast or the silhouette. I might still consider it.




fragmentation (the text is scattered through the space)

Friday, January 29, 2010

change one thing: sketches

Sketches for the theme that I will like to pursue is the breast cancer awareness, as the topic that I feel more passionate about especially being a woman and providing audience to the general public to get tested.

little black dress

I have decided to do the "little black dress" after today's critique and more brainstorming the list of objects has been refined to describe the story better as a woman getting ready to go out on an evening night:

little black dress

1. full body length mirror
2. hanger
3. brassiere
4. sleveless black dress
5. perfume bottle (generic)
6. red lipstick
7. pearl necklace
8. earrings
9. black stilettos

Thursday, January 28, 2010

reading 01: how to think...

In the article by Ed Boyden there are a couple thinks that I will like to highlight and that will be essential in this first assignment as well as in the rest that lie ahead. In the article it teaches ways to be more focus and creative and the way to approach conceptual problems. To have a better understanding and coming with the best ideas possible. Boyden listed the ability to think rapidly and collaboration work which , last class I was able perform. Coming up with the stories for this project we worked in groups and thinking rapidly of the word stories as well as the a word list of objects. No doubt, on the first try mistakes were made and through this project and the rest I will keep in my mind to do it quickly and move on. I concur with Shakespeare words which were quoted in the article, "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." . Documentation is important in order to view mistakes and understand linkage between concepts. With this project I think that keeping it simple is important because if the stories get too complicated they will be confusing for the reader as well as the meaning will be misinterpreted. Is essential for a graphic designer, to describe ideas clear to greater audience.

(Above an example of the collaborative part of project 1 and an example of documentation)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the stories

bon voyage (in a plane to Paris)

1. luggage
2. carry -on (purse)
3.air france plane belt
6. computer
9. fire leak
10. yellow oxygen masks
9. broken altimeter
10.luggage compartment
12. exit door

13. body of water
14. yellow life boat

bon voyage (in a cruise)

1. luggage
2.Royal Caribbean cruise
3. anchor
4. port
5. ramp
6. rail
7. hawaiian shirt
8. khaki shorts
9. sandals
10. camera
11. sunglasses
12. sunblock

little black dress
3.hanger dress
5. perfume lipstick
7.pearl necklace
9. black stiletto
10. toppled tray
11. wine glass
12. stain

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

change one thing..poster

Posters are a great way to communicate to the general audience in transit in an instantaneous way. One of the graphic problems it's task is to create a poster that motivates change and that are important to me:

Three important topics that are important to me are:

1. Cancer : I will like to bring awareness as a survivor I will like motivate people to be aware of the disease and to get check.
2. Facebook: I will like to motivate change in regards of the amount spend in the computer and to promote the audience to physically provide change.
3. Helping others : after the earthquake in Haiti, the world saw that there are people in need. They are more people that are people in need all over the world. With my poster I will like to promote change; to provide aid to other people in need and even in other countries. In other countries people are going through wars, other kinds of problems.

pleased to meet you: semiotics

" In a language state everything based on relations." Saussure

Understanding of signs and symbols allows visually to extract
meaning and create relationships through categorizing signs. According to Pierce there are three categories of signs :
icon (looks like;resembles, copies aspects)
index (indicates; implies through evidence points towards)
symbol (an arbitrary, learned association)
I will like to introduced myself through these three different categories and for a viewer to know more about me and my personality.

  • picture of myself
  • painting of me , created by me
  • bottle of medicine with my name : to indicate my sickness
  • map of my current location
  • ID of school
  • my hair
  • drawing of me
  • map of Florida (exactly where I live)
  • 305- hand gesture indicating area code where I live
  • chanel chance perfume
  • my high school logo
  • shoes and their brand
  • colombia -indicator of my heritage
  • sun glasses
  • Brooks Brother's logo or an item of clothing- indicator of the clothes that I daily wear
  • Betsey Johnson jewelry an indicator of the type of jewelry that I wear normally.
  • my name on the charm necklace that my dad gave me
  • sign language / my symbolic name
  • birthmark
  • my intial
  • my family
  • handwriting