Wednesday, March 31, 2010

paper prototypes part II

These are revised sketches from the first group of paper prototypes. Based on the critique last class, my prototypes didn't the micro reading, but the just have the macro reading. In this group my approach was to provide more statistics and comparisons.

Infographics first round

The next stage in this project is to create a trough infographics, by paper mapping were the focus is not on the aesthetics but is on the layout and wether the information is clear.

Monday, March 29, 2010

first book covers

As mentioned in critique I need to get the appropriate lace that suits the theme. The lace on these covers feels to elderly in comparison with my subject. I need to work with the composition and layout of the text.

Friday, March 26, 2010

F & S: Infographics

These two examples of infographics I have selected to reflect two things on the first one the information is more clear and the comparison is made more evident by the graph on the right and the color choices allows the viewer to see the comparison been made between lies and the liars who say them, and slander, and the percentage of word accordances. The last example is informing ways to reduce the water footprint the use of water drop shape ion to reflect direct use the water that is actually use (blue) and the green water drop to reflect the virtual use the things that make the things you use, the artist used repetition of this icon to reflect quantity and as a stylistic approach as a design element, in comparison to the first one this one I think is more confusing to understand.

thumbnails and inspiration for book covers

reading response 07 : Diagram and Graphic Design Sources

Information graphics typically combine visual and verbal information. Diagram allow relationships to be visually represented in straight list or verbal description. Diagrams use from point, line, and plane to scale, color, hierarchy, layers and more. Diagrams depict numerical increments, relative size, temporal change, structural links and other conditions. In an editorial context they are used to explain complex ideas. As well in the reading "Graphic Design Sources" by Hieber. Reflects that statistics are boring and the use of Graphic displays allows the viewer to see relationships, because they depict a clear comparison, it causes the viewer to think about te data and to compare different pieces of data. It can also reveal several levels of detail from structure to broad view and diagrams assist the viewer in remembering the information.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

revised research for book covers

A lady is always on her toes, realizing, that very encounter makes a lasting impression. A lady thinks before she speaks, and knows that false congeniality is as obvious as fake eyelashes. Trends come and go, but true style is timeless.

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Enter the unexpected and intriguing realm of scent, where fragrances have the power to calm as well as to stimulate. These tales from the ancient quest for pleasing aromas offer a microcosm of history’s larger movements, from the scented sails of Cleopatra’s barges to modern-day fashion trends. This book is more than a historical overview of one of the world’s oldest industries, although it’s comprehensive, well-researched, and scrupulously accurate in its details. Neither is it just a book of pretty pictures, even though it’s abundantly illustrated with lovely drawings and photographs that include every variety of perfume bottle, ads, paintings, as well as famous (and infamous) figures. Fragrance pursues its subject’s very essence, with a rich panoply of insights that ranges from the botanical origins of fragrant oils and the role of aromatics in economic and religious life to the ways in which scents influence behavior and chemists extract, preserve, and reproduce fragrances. A fascinating stirring of the senses.

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Magazine Layouts : Coco and the little black dress

first layout

second layout

third layout

Tuesday, March 23, 2010