Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Endurance-Connection-Durability Type experiments


I decided to pursue was two of my original questions pushing material and using positive and negative space to my advantage. The words that I decided to use was endurance, connection and durability to reflect the process of my final artifact which was mainly not removing all the material but instead using a method of folding and bending, to create various layers. The developing of final artifact was to reflect the connection between a sans serif and a slab serif in this case helvetica and clarendon, their underlying structure is the same. I noticed that the overlay which with the technology we have could be easily done in photoshop yet I wanted to create more of the physical interaction between this sans serif and the slab serif, and I use color filters acetate because in my previous experiments the differences between font families was not evident which by color I was able to make that distinction. I use tracking and was able to have various connecting points, which allowed me for different points for layering.

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