Thursday, August 27, 2009

Response to Readings

In the reading, “Type and Image” Meggs; emphasizes the role of graphic design as a powerful medium of communication, which reiterates my previous post. Graphic design is composed various elements: sign, symbols, images and typography. The effect that the collection I saw which is mentioned in my earlier post, had a big impact in life. The designer’s resonance in the communication that Meggs mentions is true because I’m a validation of its effect. I disagree with one the resonance goal “delight”, sometimes delight is not obtained instead is repulsion. As a mentioned, looking at the products around us especially the packaging, and becoming aware that a designer was behind it. The second article Graphic Design Sources” by Hiebert , talks about complexity of design and dilemmas of style. Mentions that graphic design is an interface that allows the communication between users and products. The computer allows the designer to have freedom but most of all responsibility. I’m going to take that into account when I design.

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