Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why graphic design?

My decision to major in Graphic Design, was influenced when I joined a three day workshop with Graphic Designer Dimitry Said Chamy. As well as my constant visitation to The Wolfsonian-FIU permanent collection, composed of all the media during the Nazi regime. I realized the power that Graphic Design has on the masses and the power of images and text. My graphic design class at Design and Architecture Senior High School, allowed me to have a glimpse of the field before coming to college. Being in this class strengthen my decision of coming into this major and expanded my views regarding the process, effect and interaction with images and text on a daily basis. Even the most simple things as walking down a street and seeing road signs, or in the grocery store buying food and looking at packaging; and become aware that these were all design by Graphic designers. Understanding the role of graphic design in our society motivates me to change people views around the world through the use of images and text.

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