Monday, September 21, 2009

Final Statement

My first book for Visual Communication is done; this project used disparate elements and turned into a cohesive nine-page book. The approach to dot compositions and type compositions, were different and similar. After “mindmapping” over the word “nature” I realized that I wanted to talk about the green movement, and it’s impact in our generation. I brainstormed terms that described the movement and it’s effects. After coming with a selective group of nine words, brainstorming turned into the sketching of compositions, which was essential in the process of this book. I wanted to keep in mind what was told in lectures, readings and critiques as a main source of things that I could implement in this book. The compositions started just like the warm-up, black dots with no images and yet the composition had to communicate the words. Thumbnails were made and then iterations, different designs for the same words. After the small group meeting, I realized the importance of communication how my personal of perception was viewed differently by other peers, more iterations where made so the word was more suitable described. The selection of images was crucial, I wanted to keep a cohesive color scheme and the image selection first started to be very literal and after the group discussions, lectures and readings it became clear the importance of collage and layering. I made my mind that my background should be made out of recycle paper to enhance the theme of my book and the use of color green. My selection of images became more conceptual and abstract, and a color scheme was to develop: green, black and white, diagram, yellow, brown and red, this technique added to the cohesiveness of the book.

The approach of the type composition in the Typography I class was very similar. The same words that we had picked out had to be used in the compositions of text the same size (6”x9”) requirement applied, instead of being a dot it was a typeface. Several compositions were made even though; it was harder because letters have edges than the round quality of the circles. Scaling is essential as well as within the dot compositions, to describe the word. Group discussions were arranged and in the same way as in Visual Communication. In the similar context, my description of the word communicated something different to my peers. More iteration was made until I felt that it was clearly convening the word that I was trying to communicate. During the process of the type compositions, the dot compositions were in my mind had an affect in my final type compositions. By picking the typeface Grotesk MT standard and bold, was a good contrast between is straight edges in comparison to the organic and curvilinear dot compositions.

This book works as a cohesive artifact, by the use of similar elements throughout the pages such as the similar color palette, shape, background and the treatment of each page; as well as the sane typeface throughout. I realized the importance of image selection and creating connection among dissonant images, will carry the overall theme of my book.

Throughout this project, I learned not change my thinking not so literal but using other images of examples that can mean the same thing and have the same effect. I learned the value of layout of text and how it could affect the meaning of a word. By doing this project by hand, made me realized the importance of craft. Even though we could have done this book purely in the computer, I learned about the process which I think is essential in a designer as a solve maker. I learned the importance of different design principles and its effect and how it could change the meaning of a word.
After perusing through my final book, as areas of improvement is craft. The ½” hole puncher that I used gave some circles with rough edges that were difficult to give a crisp round edge. Finding better images for some of my compositions. Using a better paper for my back covers, it kept getting dirty and picking any smudge or mark made on the surface.

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  1. Be sure when you post images of your work they are in-focus and has good lighting.

    Again, you refer to some of your process (e.g. the mind map) so it would be nice to show a segment of it in the post.

    "After the small group meeting, I realized the importance of communication how my personal of perception was viewed differently by other peers, more iterations where made so the word was more suitable described." This is great insight about the importance of communicating to an audience and not working solely on your own assumptions.

    You have justified well your decision to use a limited color palette as a method for cohesion. I encourage you to make posts about these kinds of break-throughs earlier and throughout the project, rather than reserving it for a long final statement.

    Hand work not only focuses on craft, but also is about expanding the tools that you have at your disposal. And I hope you can see in some of the book solutions in class, that the use of analog materials actually added to the richness of the final artifact.