Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project 1 Reading Response

In the reading “Type and Image” Meggs on pg. 94: Field of Tension. In this project a field of tension is created due to the arrangement that is being created along the edges of the 6”x9’ rectangle. The addition of imagery and it’s overlapping as mentioned in the text and its application to this project is to create a connection among dissonant images, which will carry an overall theme. In pages 19-29, draws the importance of images. Image transformation will be used in this project, to altered and create a new conceptual reality in this particular project is our words and the theme of our book. Many of the images that will be use for this project comes from other printed material; it is my role to see these pictures or imagery in a new way and to make conventional objects interesting. The use of cropping will be implemented, yet the advantage of using pattern and other shapes, will help this project rely on certain imagery as just pattern. “Principles of 2D Design” by Wucius Wong in its Chapter 9: Contrast. The importance of having contrast by comparing elements to each other, in this project is made by the relationship of small and big circles and their color, and their proximity to each other. Some of my compositions in this project, contrast of gravity by the stability and instability of the compositions, there are some deviations that add a sense of movement and becomes more dynamic. Space also has a role in this project by the frame that we are given it obliges to look at the negative space being created by the circles that are either overlapped or pushed against each other. “A Primer of Visual Literacy” on pages 110-127 there are several visual techniques in this selection that is being used in this project such as instability, asymmetry, symmetry, and some predictability yet the images will create more spontaneity. Repetition by not only the shape but is the cohesive force that throughout this project will hold the diverse composition together. These readings have broadened my understanding for the universal visual language.

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  1. You've done a very nice job connecting the reading directly to the project.