Tuesday, December 8, 2009

final reflection

Reflecting over this semester as a whole, and looking through my process binders throughout the course there were several different objectives that correlate and contrast. In the first project the Dot Book , the importance of process and its role of developing and seeing the changes until the final artifact is created is important in the developing. Iterations and creating as many thumbnails and sketches as possible to approach basic ideas or concepts in a different and interesting way. In project one layout and spatial relationships among the element was another objective. The importance of simultaneity was explained in our first project and they way image, text and color can occur at the same time and its layering. The importance of how we "see" and image and how we read "text".
In project 2 Generative Line Investigation, objectives in project 2 constituted activating space through rhythm, texture planes and figure/ ground relationships and using the digital tools to manipulate and approach refinement in digital craft. During this project just like at the beginning of the first project , group projects and therefore relying and understanding how to work and communicate ideas in a group. Juxtaposition was another principle that I learned during the second project, finding similarities between elements. The importance of digital translation was emphasized to understand the importance of high level sensitivity to line quality and craft.
In this last project 3, just as like in the other two projects emphasized in visual language and being able to communicate through iconic shapes. The creation of this shapes to begin with were created first abstractly using untraditional objects. The importance of text and image, the different roles that text could have in wether to emphasized meaning or contrast it. Iterations where important in all three projects and having different versions of the same idea allows for the selection and avoiding the expected , it allows to bring something different. In my line book (project 2), I didn't edit my pages to the selective few that suited my concept. In this last project I simplify my marks and I only used those marks that were the only ones suitable for my concept of the Sumi-e. The process is very important in all three projects and definitely something that I will bring in the spring semester. I learned to paid attention to digital craft and my craft and this are principles that I will definitely continue to improve even in my spring semester. The principle of finding correspondence and editing, I used for my taxonomy I found marks that related in structure and their relationships to each other. I also relied in a group in deciding my layout for my dividers, which among my class as in the other projects they are my audience and wether my way of communicating was coming across. I don't think that I have master anything yet because I feel that there is always room for improvement, I hope that for the next semester my skills improve and my visual language improves.

One of my process iteration that I presented for my Dot Book was for the word "influence":

After this last project, I realized the importance that in regards to what you are trying to communicate it has to come across and visually understandable. This iteration was not on my final artifact, yet I realized that even though I was using abstraction to communicate the word influence. The proximity of the circles reflect moving away instead of coming towards it. My digital craft in the middle trying to create the compound shape is not refine. I was really looking at the spatial relationship, and figure/ background and is relationship with the element. As well is too much , in the final project it taught me to break even the most complicated concepts into their core geometric individuality. I should have done the same when I was creating this iteration.

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  1. An important lessons that you noted is the diametric, yet symbiotic, relationship between prolific iterations and thoughtful editing.