Friday, December 11, 2009

reflection on color

Through this course , not only did we focused on form but at first there was no color the focus was main on the form and shape. Through this second part, I have a different perception of color and to have a closer look at things such the hue, value and chroma. It was interesting learning different theorist and their perception of different color concepts and their views: for instance Itten's version of cold and warm and Alber's. Munsell's concept of color is the only theorist that I found the hardest and his arrangements because I think that I haven't still have the perception in viewing the difference in chroma but I think that I understand the difference between luminosity, lightness and darkness and the intensity and purity of the color.
I was really excited about looking the world differently, I noticed that my dad's ties and seeing the way that color interact with each other. The book that we created I used my dad ties to create different arrangements, the cover of the image is depicted below. I'm very happy with the turn out of the final book.
Another aspect of color is when we created the class calendar, I worked on the month of may and I had to show Itten's Contrast on the (Contrast of Extension Proportional). It was hard , and I decided to use the color green and purple as my colors to show color. The cover for the calendar,I decided to a transparent effect and registration bars on the the right side of the image which the class felt that it worked with the overall feel of the calendar.

Month of May
Itten's Contrast of Extension (proportional)

Cover for Calendar

Cover for the Environmental Harmonies

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