Tuesday, December 8, 2009

final taxonomy

My catalog of marks is finalized and the final artifact is 6"x 11" , and titled "The Trajectory of Marks". It has been altered since my last proposals, in regards to my binding style, the final book was bounded using the Japanese stab binding technique using just three holes to keep the simplicity described in the philosophy of the Sumi-e. The final layout of my book turned out to be a titled page, an introduction paragraph (describing the Sumi-e and the concept behind my project) and my connotative words is just down to pure geometric shapes. The final layout for my divider pages was discussed in the final critique, this layout decision was selected and picked among my peers and this layout was the one I decided to use, which has the geometric shape, the chinese characters and then the word.
My denotative words they described the trace left behind of an element:
For Example: Denotative: Circle

It describes the stages of the moon as it travels or it's moon trail:

From left to right : moon, waning, half-moon, new

In regards to my proposed binding the craft quality was not yet to the refinement that I wanted to be. I was trying to create a different way in creating an accordion book, as described in my second proposal and using the mesh used for book binding as way to adhere the pages, as described below.

I decided to used a textured watercolor paper which had big issues printing but this was the best that I could possibly have it printing, with me keeping the textured quality of the paper.
In this project I learned to implement editing and carefully selecting the marks that would facilitate in communicating the concept of the Sumi-e and the progression of a more structural mark to a less structural mark. This book embodies my interpretation of the process of mark making and juxtaposition to an ancient wash painting technique.

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  1. taxonomy pages are strong layouts. thanks for sharing the concepts and the materials. looks like real ink on page. deep ideas; beautiful work.