Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pleased to meet you: semiotics

" In a language state everything based on relations." Saussure

Understanding of signs and symbols allows visually to extract
meaning and create relationships through categorizing signs. According to Pierce there are three categories of signs :
icon (looks like;resembles, copies aspects)
index (indicates; implies through evidence points towards)
symbol (an arbitrary, learned association)
I will like to introduced myself through these three different categories and for a viewer to know more about me and my personality.

  • picture of myself
  • painting of me , created by me
  • bottle of medicine with my name : to indicate my sickness
  • map of my current location
  • ID of school
  • my hair
  • drawing of me
  • map of Florida (exactly where I live)
  • 305- hand gesture indicating area code where I live
  • chanel chance perfume
  • my high school logo
  • shoes and their brand
  • colombia -indicator of my heritage
  • sun glasses
  • Brooks Brother's logo or an item of clothing- indicator of the clothes that I daily wear
  • Betsey Johnson jewelry an indicator of the type of jewelry that I wear normally.
  • my name on the charm necklace that my dad gave me
  • sign language / my symbolic name
  • birthmark
  • my intial
  • my family
  • handwriting

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