Saturday, January 30, 2010

reading 01 : type, image, message

Since last semester, we been exploring and understanding the importance of image and text. This article enforces , that as a graphic designer one acts as a mediator or a guide to the general audience. It uses image and type to clearly emphasized and de-emphasizing others. The use of images open the door for multiple interpretations while text can support or contradict the image, the important thing is the dialogue that these two components have with each other.
In the reading in mentions four ways that text and image interact:
1. separation: when text and image operate independently. In this project my theme is breast cancer so in this case in order for both to act separately , one way is to contradict each other.
2. fusion: when type and image blend to form unity. I realized that in particular in this project I used it in all my ideas, to represent breast cancer awareness.
3. fragmentation: when type and image disturb or disrupt each other. When type is displaced by text, during the design process of the poster I created a poster that uses fragmentation.
4. inversion : a form of fusion, when type and image trade places and type takes on pictorial properties or the image takes on typographic qualities. I had one sketch that I considered using text to create the resemblance of a breast or the silhouette. I might still consider it.




fragmentation (the text is scattered through the space)

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  1. these are ab fab. did you have them published anywhere?