Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project I : Social Running

After writing down three things that I'm interested and more brainstorming I realize that shoes have been something that I have been really interested in. In my mind mapping and brainstorming running shoes came up and I have been running and I have quite enjoyed it. Then the activity of running in a group. I will like to explore social running in a non-profit way in the community. During my research I found that many groups that offered social running as a club. One needs to obtained a membership and pay a certain amount for the activities of the club, they way I will like to brand this activity is to be open for the community and the group.


Social Running: Non-profit community based, brand based promoting the idea or concept of running in a group. Or possibly creating a group or an organization in which promotes the act of social running promoting healthy lifestyle for free and socializing. In this group is not particular in motivating competition but rather just promoting living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Values and Identity

  • Open to any one that enjoys running and has shoes
  • An individual that enjoys running or jogging, walking and they do they don’t want to do it by themselves.
  • Socialize and make friends
  • Running is accessible, simple and affordable activity open to any person.
  • Improve fitness and health status
  • Believe that running 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes or more will result in improved health and physical fitness. (http://www.rrca.org/runners/)
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Talk, Motivate, Share within a group of people
  • Weekly events
  • Safety
  1. Visual Symbols
  • running or comfortable shoes
  • sport wear
  • shorts/ pants
  • group of people
  • sweatbands
  • light wear
  • hat or visor
  • sunglasses
  • light wardrobe
  • breathable clothing

  1. Communication Styles

  • English: informal communication


  • route: path to run
  • trail: path to run
  • jog: type of stye of running. Running done to recover between intervals. Runners and (especially) non-runners will sometimes use the term "jog" for a slow run for exercise. Runners tend to prefer to refer to what they do as running; but usually know that if a non-runner refers to you as a jogger, they probably don't mean any harm.
  • abreast: closeness from other runner
  • race
  • miles: measurement used for length
  • traffic: cars or transit

  • 5k: Boltzmann's constant, a form of measurement for physical constant relating to energy. Other form of measurement / 3 miles.

  1. Preferred Media and distribution channels
  • Facebook groups
  • Meetings in pubs or restaurants
  • Web sites based on the location and community
  • Newsletters

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