Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project 7 Part A&B: Logo Build and Artifact for KC Pro Health

Project 7 Part A: KC Pro Health Logo Build from Karen Villalba on Vimeo.

Project 7 Part B: Artifact– KC Pro Health Community Runners from Karen Villalba on Vimeo.

One thing is to learn the theory about narrative as you come across the different ways that you can structure a narrative and having control of the climax or problem and then resolution as well as the duration that these events and the impact in the viewer and their perception can be changed based on their connotative or experiences and what it reminds them of. Using the various communication channels such as image, voice, music, text, sound effects not only keeps the interest of the viewer but these channels trigger images and their own personal experiences but using more than one channel reinforces your message therefore having more control of the message that you want to tell the viewer. Motion , duration and transitions allow for a smooth changes between frames and allows for the various concepts to be connected with duration I realized that an image doesn't have to stay for that long to have an impact on the viewer. Design principles such as rhythm, emphasis and contrast allow for climatic moments to have a greater impact, by having a sequence be the same rhythm and the same tone yet when emphasis and contrast things are point out and the rhythm is changed. Direction and motion how things come into the frame when things are motion, as well how elements come into the frame and leave the frame. Through storyboarding, planning and production, through this process allows to have a general overview of the approach that needs to be taken and therefore have a bit more control of the storyline. Through this process and this project I have learned about 3-D in after effects which has been really interesting as well as editing.

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