Monday, November 15, 2010

Welfare System Sketched and Protypes

icon system

sketch of the fold out page

After Kelsey and I presented our 3 design interventions the directions that we decided to take was based on the "welfare system" which it it combined in the creation of a system and creating some sort of survival kit. We created an icon system which was derived from the stations at the simulation system for instance : social service system, bank, homeless shelter, employment, food and transit. Based on the reading " What Sketches ( and Prototypes) Are and Are Not" by Bill Buxton. Kelsey and I designed some quick sketches meaning quick to make by cutting paper and stapling , plentiful and inexpensive which allowed for us to explore the different sizes of the booklets and even the last image is an exploration or an sketch of the fold out page which should contain some tearable information important to the user. Which lead to a set of prototypes that will be the next stage in building and they will take longer to make and they will concise ideas.

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