Monday, November 29, 2010

Reading Response: " I do declare" and "Be Selfish"

Some of the tips of these readings I feel that will help our critique have a stronger impact from our audience. In the "I do declare" article it talks about the importance about public speaking and how as designers we might be terrifying experience. In order to have the audience engaged one the "designer" needs to create or construct an outline which Kelsey and I have have arranged starting with an anecdote from the simulation. Even in some of the Ted talks were very effective as introductions. We will try not to make our presentation lengthy and we will make the "audience active" by asking questions and them reflecting upon the situation. We will try our best to engage the most with the audience and we "will speak and we will be tactical about the reading" trying to look as much as the public as we can. In the "Be Selfish" article talks about the importance of knowing our audience which will be our classmates and other guests that felt the duress of the simulation. We will arrange out presentation in which our visuals are reinforced by our verbals as indicated by tip 2. We will use our audience by listing the problems that we would identify and creating a summation through our design intervention.

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