Thursday, January 27, 2011

Analyzing print and web : USA TODAY

I personally analyzed the Technology section of the USA Today in both print and web. As a group between Kelsey, Ian, Vi and myself we analyze both mediums. In print text is condensed, less saturation of colors, the news are those that happen that day, but if any current or breaking news is not published until the next day. One has to go through various piles in print to reach a particular section. Images and bold headers are the main level hierarchy. In my section there was only one page, in comparison to the website where many tabs lead to different aspects of technology even a forum were user comments are necessary and rated by the readers. In web the immediacy and availability are key, yet advertisements battle in hierarchy since many of them have an interactive component they are distracting. Active links are activated and their rollover state it underlines the category. Some tabs are redundant there was a Science Fair tab and under Science the Science Fair appears again. If the reader decides to visit the forum also labeled the Technology Live, and decides to go back to the home they will reach the main page of the USA Today or just within the Forum but not the home page of the Technology site. In the web through social contributions like the rate of comments and views of the articles is indicated on top of each article. If they are any new breaking news in can be visible and right away visible.

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