Monday, January 31, 2011

Wired Frames : First Round

I have the technology section in order to improve the experience of the reader and I created a series of 4 scenarios. I want with my design to help the reader reach to fastest news and get the best product, brand and news.

Above 1 & 2 scenario, the first 4 panels describe the user trying to find the best cellphone. The incorporation of a chart was very important in which in a roll over state describes the user rating, expert and comments. Scenario 2: describes the way to fin the latest news on facebook. Elements that I want to keep are scrolling gallery and the the navigation bar works best when is at the top.
Scenario 3 and 4 are described above, the top shows how to get tips on the ipad. A component that I think is important is on expert and user response as well a way to respond and get feedback. Scenario 4: the bottom describes how to navigate to obtain the newest invention. I will like to incorporate a scrolling gallery to feature the product.

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