Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reading Response : Richard Saul Wurman Introduction

"Information is everything. We are what we read."
-Richard Saul Wurman

Wurman brings to light the importance to reading and the overwhelming flow of data in which he compares is to a tsunami wave. Is the job of a designer to not make only good but easy to read and understand. Is the job of a designer to find meaning and understanding. Information architecture is creating of a systematic and orderly to make something work. In which a collection of data is organized. Wurman recognized that information can be organized in five different ways or LATCH. L: location, A: alphabet, T: organized by time (many museum shows are organized by timeline) C: category and H: hierarchy. We understand information wether visually or verbally if is relevant. Scale is something that is always relatable. Even though not everything in the world is relatable to size they are other relationships that they share and therefore information can be categorize. Information architecture is vital in the age that we live in but is not just about pretty graphs but the function and how the reader is going to understand the information. In the AIGA lecture series, the Intro-Active1: The expanding culture of the web today both speakers Joe Grigsby, Director of Emerging Media at VML and Lisa Qualls, CEO at Fresh ID and President of Social Media Club Kansas City, they drew the attention of functionality and building an experience.

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