Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Experiments: Papercutting

Through the process of paper cutting I have learned the virtue of patience and also I been having a better understanding of things connect and the fragility of the material. I also explored another type of paper and was able to get more layers with bigger letters(seen above). My attempt of using one material and creating as many of layers I can possibly can is still something I'm exploring at a bigger scale. I'm able to create way more creating more an according style fanning out letter form. They are things like the letter breaking which is out of my control, I been trying to be more considerate of those points and being observant when it works and when it doesn't. Another surprise was the addition of light and shadow as seen in the middle picture where the word is completely destroyed and yet the making of the work is still visible.
Another attempt that I will try to do and reflect is a 3-D effect by using read and blue filter.

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