Saturday, April 30, 2011

Readings: Designing for Children

In the reading" Adults are from Earth and Children are from the Moon" by Randy White it clearly shows that kids are unpredictable when it comes to interacting with the environment. Kids will make the environment interactive, the interpret their surrounding area with function rather than form. The main four points in regards to the environment and children are:
1. Movement
2. Comfort
3. Competence
4. Control
In regards to designing for children by Catherine Fischel the article also mentions that when a child is challenged beyond his capacities that boredom is used as a defense. As well children's attentions span is rather short therefore my designing has to be engaging and attract both genders. In regards to wayfinding younger children don't read and they need time to adjust to a new environment. Children's familiarity with each other affects how they interact and play with other children, the interactions will be different with children who do not know each other. Materials need to be durable and easy to clean and maintain. In regards to my final solution for the project based on the readings not only keeping in mind the points above the main thing that I want to do is engage their imagination. Children aspire to be older than they are and if it is too cute is for babies, my typefaces as well as my overall designing to have that feel. As the article breaks the various motor and physical development, my style of rendering mimics their motor movement of trying to color inside the lines. In social skills kids enjoy pretend play and therefore I feel this approach to final artifact where the kids have ti imagine and envision something applies to their social skills. Even though this will be a book I have to make sure the text is short and easy for the kids to understand. Bright colors I will definitely use as a way for kids to see and be compel in seeing. Ages 6-7 can read longer books.

In the More Principles of Map Design by John Krygier the main principles of map design are:
Hierarchy: the important things should be big , so the nelson -atkins building, the bloch building and the main 5 sculptures are the main important things in the map for this event or that I will try to emphasize. Harmony: should be subliminal, the harmony should interact with all the elements. Simplicity: is key, in regards to my size the format will dictate content.

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