Tuesday, October 4, 2011


[Karen] "Phase2 Final"

The existing brand is called Wines by Jennifer, a wine boutique located in Parkville, Missouri. That provides customers with a unique wine tasting experience, allowing their clients to test wines from different regions of the world. This boutique is located in a house, which its relaxed environment allows for testers to feel like they were just at home. The rebranding of this establishment will involve renaming it to make it more accessible and up-to date, focusing the branding to have a younger audience to visit the establishment. The goal of my design is to convey a sense of modernity and a fresh approach to the act of wine tasting. The identity will speak to a younger audience with a credible, flexible and progressive attitude. Making wine tasting a fun and welcoming experience.

The three directions from my rebrand are 405 PEAK, Bottle Shock and Nutty & Roasted.

The one that I feel best represents my design objective is 405 PEAK, this brandmark is modern, fun, credible and friendly.

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