Friday, September 30, 2011

Ivanhoe Update

On Saturday Ian and I volunteered at Ivanhoe as well other people from class. It was great to ask questions to people from the neighborhood. I met Ertha, a local that has lived in Ivanhoe for the past 30 years. She remembers the neighborhood full of families and feels really strongly that kids should receive parenting and mothers are struggling with end meets and she feels that providing tips on how to educate kids will be essential. I talked to her about the various size wether a newsletter or newspaper will something that she will be confortable in reading. She told that a newsletter size is the best considering that it fits nicely on the mailbox and she is able to find it once she picks up her mail. Rapid prototyping and developing various sizes that are within the confortable size of the newsletter will be developed this week.

We had schedule to meet Diana White, after volunteering but she had to cancel at the last minute. I been calling for the past week , yesterday she shared the fact that she has been having phone troubles. We have schedule to met her son and daughter and interview them either on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Since we haven;t been able to interview our lead of contacts. We have decided to start to work on the logo and developing various ideas that within this week we can distribute in the neighborhood and get feedback from the residents.

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