Friday, May 7, 2010

Review Proposal

For my final review , one statement that i can synthesized from all the classes is the one of the first quotes that was said on the first day of class in Visual Communication in the Fall '09.
in which it was said that the "Principles are used by designer to turn disparate elements into a cohesive whole." These elements are type, image, color and how these work together to give meaning and either relay or anchorage meaning as seen in the spring '10
I will like to demonstrate the importance of layering and how this principle has been used through out the year. As seen in our first project the dot book the imposing of text over image and their reflection in meaning. As well in the delineation drawing of color and drawing and form this dimensionality allow for letter forms to come forward or recede in space. In the spring the last project in Image for the National Geographic the emphasis of this formal quality was not only evident as a medium through the use of transparencies but also as the concept of the earth and the relationship of layers; the use of colors and their of set was vital in order to obtain the right mixing of colors. Layering is also evident in the identity exhibit system.

The process of layering was a very important element through out both semesters also in my change one thing poster in which collaging played an important role as well as my identity project. The layering and collage was also evident in the marilyn poster but also dealing with the saturation of colors and the relationship of colors such as triads and complementary colors and the mixing of colors, a technique learned in the fall'10. The addition of layers not only allows for dimensionality but also for more embedded meaning.


The importance of image embedded with meaning and the relationship of text has a fundamental objective throughout the year. that as a graphic designer one acts as a mediator or a guide to the general audience. The importance when text and image worked to together, in a fusion. Or in separation or fragmentation when image and text disrupt each other which was more evident through the use of relay and anchorage. In my taxonomy, the use of text worked in a relay because even though they were marks they connotative a different meaning. Which is also evident in the identity project of the spring in which the icon and subject act upon a anchorage and relay beasis between the image and text. Text can work in the same way by the use of font face it either works as anchorage or relay. Which in my identity they worked in anchorage since they are taking from the same material or medium and their placement is also brings to mind the vision of media.

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