Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project 5 : 6 Degrees could Change the World Reflection

The interaction of image and motion in the menu, we tried to recreate the action of the removal of the atmosphere layers and the heat layers to the earth which is the dvd in the case. Our approach was to create layers by using translucent materials such as transparencies and vellum. Formally, with the motion the viewer visually sees it in comparison with the dvd menu and the book jacket in which is dependent of the viewer to interact and remove the layers.
We decided to use black and white images in our book but keep the circular motif as a consistent element. We decided to collage to portray these images black and white to reflect history . This book sees distant sue to the integration of people which seeing we could have used t in our DVD case. We ran into issues printing it, but overall experience of the interacting with different materials and working with Ray was great. The inside of the book jacket and poster, was approach more like an information graphics describing again the degrees and the effect of the heating over the planet.
The use of coolness of the DVD case, we didn't use it in our poster and jacket. We were goig for the heat and hotter quality that the title of the book contains.

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