Saturday, May 1, 2010

experimenting with materials and assembling

Assembling the DVD cover, we took Tyler's advice and we purchased DVD cases fromjewelboxing. They are pretty sweet!! They are translucent and hopefully this clearness will aid with the rest of materials to have the same effect of layering. We haven't receive the templates from them and hopefully we will get them soon.

We have decided to do the book jacket using vellum so the ink colors hold better, but still have the layering component. We have create a couple of dummies and use prismacolors to see which things and colors might have and text. Text is a big issue since text will be backwards, therefore legibility is compromise. We want to keep the ring motif as a component on the book jacket.

Assembling of the DVD has been interesting and Ray as a mathematical genius was able to figure it out. The size of the booklet and the creation of the cover/ booklet. This booklet also includes the progression of the degrees and it affects and the description will be added that it will happen to earth at that degree.

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