Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Reflection : Icon Set and Identity and Linear Process

Through the process of creating visual relationships between the word and icon through the use of anchorage and relay. I found one of the process, by scanning images from magazines as a source and inspiration for my final identity. Through this process I tried to three different visual stylistic approaches to the application of my merchandise. I also added 2 merchandise components a bumper sticker and a tote bag, I feel that these objects not only portray the bombardment of media to shop just like the traveling of a bumper sticker through the roads and a tote bag not only attract feminine audience but is also a fashionable product that applies to my exhibit.
This exhibit talks about the trap about the fashion industry, the bombardment of the media and the effect on the audience to consume more therefore becoming a victim and falling in the trap. After the different approaches to the application of photo, word and background, pattern and word and the replacement of the icon plus word. From all these different attempts the one that really works by texture and is in the stylistic approach of media, the use of magazines even it's textural component , the dots and the use of imagery. I also decided to use text that I found in magazines . I still use the words that I came about such as VICTIM, SALE, TREND, BUY? . This words, are words that we hear often at shopping malls.


The idea for my final exhibit it came from a combination from the anchorage and relay exploration.


By the collaging of a magazine to emphasize the function and location of the clutch I discovered that through this process it will be suitable , to make the relay about the fashion industry. I also need to add a background and a word. I explored different backgrounds:

The first one being the background that suited with my colors and they were all taking from magazines.
bumper sticker

shopping bag

The use of the bag as a placement of money and wether you considered purchasing an item and the action I felt that the word Buy? would be suitable to go with my icon and these are some example in which I applied the combination of image, icon and word plus background. Then applied it to merchandise such as the shopping bag and bumper sticker .

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