Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 1: Female Tech Enthusiast Leave Behind

We have designed a leave behind, and we are going to leave it with Erika Goering who is a sophomore in design but as a hobby plays with code and software. A female who is very interested in not design but also technology. We created 2 activities a drawing and collage prompt.

We have also created a questionnaire which thanks to my friend Angela Chang, who attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be sharing with her sorority Theta. Also a phone interview will be conducted with Angela who is a computer engineer major and has intern at IBM and Google.

Angela Chang, MIT Class 2011

Also Hillary Watts Bird, a senior web developer who currently works for VML . We obtain her contact thanks to Jacob McDaniel from Pixels. We will interview her, hopefully give us more insight about female who are tech enthusiast.

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