Thursday, March 11, 2010

reflection of project 2 and final set


In dealing with this weather campaign in which we represent a particular broadcasting station. Due to the various techniques that I used in my experimental type has been really hard to make them cohesive, some are too light and others too condense. I feel that each of my experimental type communicates the phenomena but rain still the only one from the set that I feel is the weakest. The challenges have been in making them cohesive and part of a group, based on the past critiques the system used as an element of consistency is a band on the top and the logo on the left conner. I had the most challenge placing each of these experiment on to the bus, therefore making it difficult for cohesiveness. Another element that I used is that the back of the buses have the tag line that I came up with, which HOLD ON TIGHT WITH NBC. I feel that NBC network informs and maintains their viewers in the alert until the chaos is over. Connecting the the 4 words that I picked in a narrative context the last word is day when the weather has calm down and eased. by making the band on top of the buses it allows for the experimental type be the most hierarchy important. I still think that I need to continue working with hierarchy with the logo.

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