Thursday, March 11, 2010

final set of icons in color : little black dress and reflection

The final set of icons in color is finally done and I tried a 2 color version and a 3 color version, since my icons have a few areas were I can change the color it is rather difficult applying this gray purple because this other color is darker it alludes to the evening and women. I like the 2 color version of the hot pink with the black , I change my icons and gave them a more subtle curves. Which is on a previous post, I feel that the icons filled in comparison to my first set have more weight. The change of curves cam about the change that I did on the lipstick to make it look less like a knife, which in the previous critique people felt that it convey. Since I added a curved element it was spread throughout the whole set and therefore it had to be subtle so the whole icon was not completely change.
During the application of color process I realized that not all color worked in order to convey or they didn't suited my story. Based on that critique it was that my swatches were finalize into a pink, warm black which is found in an article suggested to me:

this warm black even though subtle I felt that it added to the feminine and evening. During this process, of color I also noticed that my three color set is not as powerful and it doesn't help. I will really like the 2 color set. I tried to use the ascent pink in areas that I felt that a lighter color might be find , in the real object. Such as in the clutch I felt that the top in an actual clutch might have been made in a metallic material a lighter color than black.

full length mirror
perfume bottle

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