Monday, April 12, 2010

final bok covers and reflection

The final idea was to used the hands to reflect the actions that describe the title of the book, the main subject in my covers is the woman . For the first book as shown above I used woman posture and how she gracefully clasps her hands as a way to reflect the posture of the woman. The second book she has a dialog in regards what clothes to wear, and the third book deals with perfume and the places and locations where you will place perfume , on the top registrar in reflects the the placement of the perfume on the wrists. On the last book I dealt with relationships in which the inclusion of a male figure is introduced and that interaction between man and woman. All books are divided between two registers, in which the is divided by lace and pattern that i felt portray a woman's touch . I felt that these books are directly targeting women and that is what I want to portray by the use of this pink color. I can still work on the fragrance book and how to be a lady I feel that those are my weakest books of the set.

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