Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reflection on Infographs and in magazines

first spread

second spread
third spread

last page

These educational data visualization as informations graphics that successfully combine our icons and that these infographs contain temporal, spatial, and numerical comparison. The temporal comparison that I used is located on my last spread in which I created a paper doll , in which the steps for getting ready for a special night out. This infograph also combines location , since is an interactive infograph which allows engagement with the viewer, but the placement were the place the item which are my icon, incorporate location and placement within the body of Coco. In the first round of paper prototypes I had chosen to draw arrows to emphasize on the placement but these allow for the viewer to make the location of the items on the Coco paper doll. A numerical or statistical comparison was made and can be found, in the second spread in which I composed pie charts in the same stylistic approach as my icons to reflect two contains the amount of UK female consumers that prefer their little black dress and the amount of women surveyed by Sim-Fast that wanted to wear a smaller size. The spatial comparison is used as an infograph on the first used by the use of a timeline, in which indicates that in 1926 Coco Chanel introduces for the first time the little black dress. I used an old style serif chaparral but to create the connections with my structure icons; I used futura as a modern typographical typeface in my infographs. My magazine spread and the content, is placed in a classic period but my icons are not. I also used a more subdued pink color as an introduction and then the color is intensify in the other spreads. I kept a clear top margin as an anchor and as way to make the spreads consistent. The use of color is used only in my infographs as a way to draw attention to the pages and the importance of the infograph.

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