Thursday, April 15, 2010

reading response 09: Visible Signs and Two Symbols in One

In the reading the Visible Signs by David Crow he discusses three messages the non-coded iconic message and how anchored and relay work in reading images with text. The non-coded iconic message and medium can't be separated from message. Barthes informs that "parasitic" -message on an image designed to quicken the reading with additional signifiers. In the reading it talks how text on image and can function as anchorage or relay.
Anchorage directs the beholder through a number of possible readings to an image. A "floating chain of signifiers" : the text answers " What is it?" The text helps the reader interpret the signifier they are presented with, there is recognition. Anchorage has a repressive value in the inspect of the image.
Relay is less common, text is a snippet of dialogue and works in a complimentary way to the image. It can be found in comic strips and in film. The text supplies the image meanings that are not found in the image themselves, just like in film dialogues.

The second reading Two Symbols in One by Adam Morioka he talked "fused metaphor" to create more interesting designs in which you use a combination of symbols. Combines symbol A and symbol B to produce a different result.

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