Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reading response 08 : pattern

In the reading by Ellen Lupton pattern making is found and various cultures. By using one of our icons or various by using this single element in different schemes one can create endless variations, building complexity around a logical core. In the process of creating harmonious or amplified patterns, the complexity was evident due to the arrangement and the repetition and the scale of that of single icon or element. Looking at various cultures like Asia and Africa they work pattern to the endless possible possibilities such as the kente and adinkra in Africa.Patterns can be formally structure or organic regularity. The basics for patterns are isolated elements, linear elements and criss-crossing or the interaction of both. Isolated elements are like our single icon , yet when they are arrange to create a linear path the create linear elements and then the crisscrossing of a single element or more than one element is the last example. Through repetition of the elements and , changing, color, scale and orientation can create regular or irregular patterns.

kente ( africa)

adinkra (africa)

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