Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recognizable Issues at Ivanhoe

- Lack of communication within the community/ relying on block captains to pass news and information
-Youth not involved with the community , youth with a criminal record without being able to apply jobs relying on the older members of the community
-Food desert, no groceries in sight
-Single-mothers are working most of the day, and their disconnect with their kids.
-Getting people involved with the urban farming, and hopefully using the empty lots for growing food.
-Extracurricular activities for the youth to get involved within the community
-Not to many computers and older community going to get help or young individuals whom have dues with the library and want to get on the computer

Areas of Interest to help Ivanhoe:

1. After the neighborhood community meeting, and not seeing the involvement of the youth. I asked Diana White, part of the Ivanhoe neighborhood since 1981. When I asked her what she felt was needed the most at the Ivanhoe community she said that they are many young adults who due to obtaining a criminal record they are unable to apply to jobs. Employment is a necessity, looking at Maslow's Hierarchy Needs is the second on the hierarchy of needs. I was proposing to get the interest of a group or organization that will be able to supply or help them become part of society, by giving them training.

One Stop Career Centers

One Stop Career Centers in Missouri are managed by the Division of Workforce Development of the Department of Economic Development. In conjunction with employment and training organizations, the centers strive to meet the specific needs in each local community. They are equipped with computers, fax machines and telephones. Individual services include skills assessment, career exploration, job placement, job training, family support services and mental health services. Those eligible include basic skills deficient individuals, dislocated workers, people with criminal records, low-income individuals, eligible youth and those seeking non-traditional employment. MissouriCareerSource is the ....development! is the online service that focuses on providing services related to employment, training, job and workforce development.

Division of Workforce Development
Missouri Department of Economic Development
421 E. Dunklin St.
P.O. Box 1087
Jefferson City, MO 65102
573-751-4088 fax

2. Lack of communication that is within the community is evident, not everyone is engaged and the passing of information is limited to certain systems like the block captains and the visuals that can be more engaging and even can get the younger audience to attend meetings, etc. In the visuals also indicating resources like computers which many people are not aware considering that they are not that many in the community.

Contact: Dina Newman

3. Getting more computers accesible at the Ivanhoe community and with either items that can help older individuals. Get an organization involve where computers either can given to people at Ivanhoe, to have accessibility to computers at their own home.

hopes 500 low-income families and individuals will get home computers. through the loan fund.

4. The communication between single mothers and their kids. Mothers in this community due to their work they are unable to spend time with their kids. In Maslow Hierarchy pyramid of needs love and a sense of belonging is third. I think that something that can be helped is the relationship between kids and parents within the community.


Families for Home Education (Missouri) 877.696.6343
Family & Parenting Support Group 816.932.2258

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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