Monday, September 12, 2011

Offline needs & online solutions

After meeting with Ray this morning we figure some of the offline needs and some solutions that our culture might encounter.


1. Relationships with peers ( make friends outside of their ESL class)

2. Better understanding of the new country

3. Help applying for colleges and/ or scholarships

4. Eliminate Stereotypes (want to be understood)

5. Learn subjects & English at an equal level like mainstream students

6. Connect with other ESL peers that are going through the same struggle

7. Share various methods to learn English quicker/ practice English


1. Connecting students with others that have similar needs through an online connection ( ESL to ESL student, or "mainstream" (ESL students that have endure the process and are proficient in English) to ESL student.

2. Connecting students with those who have experience or understanding of the new country. These users are able to share tips and knowledge unknown to new members.

3. Tutorials for filling scholarship paper work as well as advising which colleges to attend by income.

4. Students will be able to create a profile in their own language, which can be translated to English and other language, which allow for an easy cross culture awareness.

5. Advance learning material in English on any other desire language, at a high school level. Knowledge gain in order to pass test and apply for college.

6. Peer counseling ( ESL to ESL / ESL to "mainstream"- experienced ESL student) to aid and cope with name calling and bullying.

7. Way for an ESL student to practice English terms outside of class and new terms that are not taught in school. As well as online chat with other ESL peers that can connect for practicing phonics and pronunciation.

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