Friday, September 16, 2011

Solutions and Needs

1. Need: How to drive a car in a new country?
Solution: Online simulation, similar to a video game that will guide the ESL student through step by step from starting a car to transit regulations of that country and it will be offered in various languages.

2. Need: Not enough friends
Solution: ESL peers in your class, would have accessibility to other peer friends and networks. By connecting people from different heritages, languages and struggles.

3. Need: I get called slow learner
Solution:an online connector between various ESL high school students that seek peer counseling and an area where they share their stories, possibly leading them to have group meetings in their local locations

4. Need: I want to learn AP Calculus even though I'm in ESL
Solution: An application similar to Rosetta Stone, in which the user would be allowed to learn a whole subject in their native language but the possibility of clicking and getting the terminology and pronunciation of the wanted language. With a chance of highlighting the wanted material and to place a note to material that you want to be read back in the language you will like to practice.
5. Need: I need help with my homework
Solution: An application that allows to select subject. Place their homework assignment, it can be read to the individual in english and there will be a help button where it will sync or contact ESL students in other schools that have a better understanding of that subject and share their knowledge with the ESL student seeking help.

6.Need:I want to apply college, but I don't know where to start and forms are confusing?
Solution: an interactive system that is tailorable for the user to select profession, location, money, and SAT score and match that person with the best college. There will be a database from ESL students that are in college and are able to share their personal stories and tips on what to expect and contacts to go to for further information.

7. Need: I want to play for my soccer for my high school's team
Solution: An online community that would allow students to register for local sports activities within there community or with other ESL students. This would give ESL students the opportunity to interact with other students with similar interest.

8. Need: Preparing for the SAT
Solution: An online application process that would be presented to students in only english. By hovering over words or sentences, a translation would take place giving students the opportunity to read in their native language.

9. Need: I want to learn English fast.
Solution: Iphone app that would allow to record you vocabulary or concepts that were learned in class and be ready to use on the go. The user will have access to it to practice wether is at the bus stop , etc. The terms would not only be accesible in an audio way but also in a written format, ready to translated at any point in any language necessary.

10. Need: I don't know where my classes are at?
Solution: an Iphone app that interacts with the space. Utilizing the camera function built into the phone, by holding the camera up to a sign the build in app would take the words viewed and translate them into the desired language of the user.

11. Need: Understanding the customs of new country
Solution: Iphone app and online community with data base were tips about American customs can be found. The user or ESL student is able to search jargon, food, places, wardrobe and basic life style habits. Given them a chance to have a better understanding and understand the normal dynamics of high school experience in America.

12. Need: Retain their heritage
Solution: A video blog were they are able to share their stories and where an online community can be established between immigrants were they can keep a journal and mentioned something (location, food, people, etc) that they miss about their own country.

13. Need:I have the same ESL teacher, and she doesn't teach me a lot about science
Solution: Online school, in which will connect all willing ESL teachers to teach ESL students across the states. These teachers would be certified, and they are also experts in that subject that they teach.

14: Need: Fitting in high school
Solution: an online community, where is based on location. It shows the schools within that area, if certain schools are connected in this community. ESL students are able to share their profile with mainstream students (general student body) and sharing who they are as individuals.

15. Need: I want a study buddy
Solution: online community and iphone app that they will be found within a certain close radius. Share and practice vocabulary and dialogue and the site will have a system where it arranges the spectrum between the user from novice to expert.

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