Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wines by Jennifer Phase 1

Wines by Jennifer Rebrand

Wines by Jennifer is a global wine boutique that allows people from the Kansas City community to gather in this unique establishment. Is a 1903 three-story circa house that is located in Parkville , Missouri. The have a great collection of wines all separated through the various rooms of the house, which represent a different country in the world. Currently, it attracts woman groups, woman shoppers and older individuals. Their establishment offers a global experience due to their products. Familiar atmosphere due to their location and clients get knowledge about wines and parings from the knowledgeable staff.
After talking to one of the employees, she expressed her frustration, that a younger audience seems not interested in this informal and casual establishment. My goal with my redesign is to create a more approachable aesthetic and emphasize their casual, friendly environment ideally for a younger audience. Creating various brand elements that can help connect the wine tasting community and create an outlet for them to share their love for wine.


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