Monday, November 30, 2009

Introduction Paragraph for Taxonomy

Taxonomy Book Title:

Taxonomy : Trajectory of Marks

Sumi- e derived from two Japanese characters no 濃 (dense) and tan 淡 (dilute). Together they mean “no-tan” meaning the different ink densities produced by water and ink. Sumi-e is black ink paintings on white paper. Simplicity is the most outstanding characteristic of this wash painting technique.

In a modern legend, it tells the story of an artist named Karen Villalba, whom was asked to make a catalog of marks. She created pages of marks and left out the tools that she utilized to create the marks with. When she was asked why, Karen explained that the tools were the physical and tangible elements of the physical world. If she had depicted the tools would come to life. The marks that are left on the page, simply reduced the appearance of the tools, and it keeps their souls. The souls of the tools are the more structured marks and yet their trace is just a capture of the unseen.

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  1. 'Sumi-e are black ink paintings on white paper' OR 'Sumi-e is black ink painting on white paper'.

    Re-write the second paragraph so to not reference yourself (in first or third person). It comes across a bit incongruous, even silly - when instead your book and concept are rather serious and honest. Each sentence and the thought behind it is good if you eliminate the pronoun "she" and your name.