Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project 3: Reading Response : The Urge to Make Things

In the reading The Urge to Make Things by Leo Lionni, in relationship to the beginning of this project. In the reading he mentions the urge of human beings to create images, even if he is not using traditional mediums such as paint, sculpture or drawing he will create images which what ever he comes across with. In the same context in this project we are using untraditional objects to create our marks. Lionni mentions the importance of the creative process and allowing for the hands and more of the gestural components of creating marks, as well as we are doing in the mark making process of the haiku we are allowing the motion, pressure, exposure of the ink on the surface and the lightness we press; are all factors of the creative process. We instructed to select several objects to be used to create marks, and as I was creating marks using this inanimate objects for creating different types of marks. These objects had a function and "life" was given to them.

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