Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vector vs Bitmap

-The most common graphic format use on the web, except Flash.
-Bitmaps graphics are composed of pixels, each contains specific color information.

-Is ideal for photographic images where there are thousands, even millions of different colors.
-It contains the exact information (pixels) required for display.

-Can make bitmap bigger, it must allow the original image to get filled with extra pixels.there is no source of information in needs to guesstimate, then it fills the space with guessed colors.
-Any Bitmap image that has been scaled up becomes blurry.
-The "blocks" are evident --pixelation occurs. The sharpness will only be in the "original" or smaller file.
-Blurriness is obtained when you manipulate, rotate, skewing or distorting a bitmap image.


-Composed not by pixels, but instead vector: points, lines and curves.

-Through vector one can create really complex designs.
-The image doesn't loose quality-- at differe
nt sizes.
-Ideal for producing artwork which needs to presented in ideal for logos.
-Images must retain relatively simple, has a different texture, feel and when produced in detail: very little.
-Once a vector image is converted to bitmap there is no way to return to the originals state,therefore copies need to be kept one with he original vector artwork and the other one the bitmap.

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