Sunday, August 28, 2011

Research: ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)Segregation in High School

The University of Arizona conducted a study in regards to the struggles that English learners face in public high school:
Among the UA teams's key finding:
85 % of teachers said that for English leaners, being segregated was harmful to their education.
-Given the four-hour block schedule daily (reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and other areas) English learners were placed in a disadvantage for successfully completing the necessary coursework to graduate from high school or pursue higher education.
-ELD (English Language Development) : due to this schedule , students don't get the "core" academic training to aid in their graduation as a result of the implementation and the block classes make students feel more isolated.
-Stereotyping as "slow learners"and therefore they experience a decline in self-esteem.
-The goal is of many educators: is ..." want them to be socially accepted and socialize successfully, but also able to understand math, science and other subjects too."
-Among students who barely know one another. Cafeteria fights, tensions have been common in regards to this groups of students.
-Private Catholic school has ban all non-English speech within its walls.
-Denying the chance the to speak their native tongues.
-Being exposed to immigrant classmates is GOOD for American kids, pushing bilingualism.
-Kids should retain a cultural identity, they need to understand which customs they are adopting or avoiding.
-A factor for students to graduate according to a high school ESOL in a school in Fairfax , VA: some students graduate until they're older (20-21 years old in some cases, depending on the academic background and age arrival in the US)
Many Bilingual Education advocates further recommend that they whole school should be integrated to the extended possible so that resources are shared, that mainstream and bilingual teachers collaborate in a classroom.

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