Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking a closer look at the Ivanhoe Community in Kansas City


Fundamental Information
Located in the heart of Kansas City, MO. Home to 7,816 people , 464 blocks. Is one of Kansas City's oldest neighborhood.

Schools are closed and kids have to go further away from home to the nearest school. Vacant buildings were people keep breaking in. High crime rates and there is a sense of despair and hopelessness, and people keep leaving this community. The nearest grocery store is 1.2 miles away.

To make Ivanhoe, cleaner, safer and motivate people to move back to this community. Promote urban farming, repair houses and make Ivanhoe a prosperous community.

Ivanhoe Neighborhood
Alan A. Young, member of the Ivanhoe community: "Don't feel safe!" the drug activity worries him.
Margaret May: " We need a way for other neighbors to keep a look out for others."

Programs with Success at Ivanhoe
-Entrepreneurial Program: to expand youth employment. In this program it was taught basic business, economic and financial concepts they will need to be quality employees and even business owners. Students were paid an hourly wage, for attending instructional classes.
-Youth Workforce Program: youth are hired to remove illegally dumped items and trash from the lots, trim trees, and remove weeds from fence lines. As a result more young people are staying off the streets and they doing productive stuff to help the community.
-Ivanhoe Neighborhood Watch: the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. Jessie Jefferson, a member of this post, in an interview mentioned that "...when people are on their porch is a sign that they are not afraid."
-Getting youth belong and giving them a sense of belonging and part of something.
-Telling neighbors events and what is happening in the block.
-Green Impact Zone: urban renewal, creating stronger community. Business and and improves health as well makes use of the empty lots. Great way for kids and youth to be involve and learn about farming.
-Grown in Ivanhoe: gives a sense of pride and product of the urban farming.
-Night Out: community event to stop crime.


What kind of media distribution methods have they attempt, which one is the fastest way to reach the whole community, or most part of them?
What kind of events to meet your neighbors has Ivanhoe created in the past, what was their success and what things can be improved?
What is the closest school?
How many community farms are available?
Where is the gathering place for neighbors?

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