Friday, March 25, 2011

CNA : Carefree Nearby Activities

This is the first layout design for the booklet , the covered I decided to create a pattern using my icons. I decided to use the acronym but give it my personal twist by given it the title Carefree Nearby Activities, because they are relaxing activities for caregivers and they have to do it wether is in their house or within a block radius. The first set of pages it tells the caregiver not to feel guilty for taking care of themselves. Then they are 15 activities under the take action section. Next my idea involves given the user a set of stickers to the calendar that is folded and resides at the end of the booklet.

(sticker pages)


(outside) pattern
I still need to work on the design of the calendar(foldable calendar) and make it more unified with the booklet. I want that the caregiver, can use it and place the sticker of the activity on the calendar and remind themselves of the activity and in case they don't remember the activity they can reference back to the booklet, that is why I'm including it at the end of the booklet.

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